Intel 82566dm-2 Driver Windows 7 64-Bit

I owned Dell OptiPlex 755 desktop computer, it’s quite old computer and I just finish reformat it to Windows 7 64bit, previously I’m using Windows XP 32bit. The problem is I’m having problem to find the compatible Ethernet LAN drivers for my new Windows 7 64bit, I tried countless of Enthernet LAN drivers none of them are working.

intel 82566dm-2

Been searching all over the web for Dell OptiPlex 755 Intel 82566dm-2 Windows 7 64bit LAN driver but still no luck with the right drivers. So I conclude that there are no working Intel 82566dm-2 Ethernet LAN drivers for Windows 7 64bit version.

This morning, I reinstall Windows XP 32bit, so frustrating right now..


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