How To Reset Lenovo A690e

I will show you how to do a hard reset or factory reset your Lenovo A690e android smartphone. Note that doing this will wipe all your phone data to factory settings, so it is important to backup first.

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  1. Turn Off your Lenovo A690e.

  2. Open the back cover and remove MicroSD

  3. Make sure your Lenovo A690e have at least 20% of battery life before hard reset.

  4. To reset your Lenovo A690e, Turn ON the phone. When you feel the phone vibrate, keep pressing the Volume UP. When you see android logo with exclamation mark, remove your hand from Volume UP button.

  5. To navigate UP and Down, Use the Volume UP and Volume Down.

  6. Select the Wipe data / Factory reset and Press Power Button for Confirmation.

  7. Select Yes to cofirm resetting your Lenovo A690e android and wait for it to finish.

  8. Now reboot your phone by Selecting the Reboot System Now.

That’s all. Now your Lenovo A690e as good as new again.

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